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In Vehicle Camera – NEW HD Camera

Vehicle Camera

In today’s struggling economy, having the ability to not only track your fleet vehicle but also the ability for driver monitoring with a fleet camera is a valuable resource.  This technology was once too costly to be advantageous for small businesses, however, the Dual Vehicle Camera DVR System from Safety Track makes this valuable resource cost effective with widely favorable ROI.  Click here to learn about accessories available for this system or try our new ‘Viewer’ Software Demo that enables you to preview sample camera footage.

In Vehicle Camera

In Vehicle Camera HD: New Features

  • No Exterior Security Bracket
  • SD Card Auto Recovery Function
  • WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) Support
  • Clearer Video Quality
  • Built-In Charge Guard – No More Dead Batteries
  • Built-in Wi-Fi Modules
  • Voice Guide
  • Voice Alerts on Camera Conditions
  • HD Resolution [ 1280 x 720p / 30fps ]
  • Bright Security LEDs
  • Ten Bright Security LEDs for Better Night Recording
  • Google Maps
  • Pin Locations and Visibly Traces Routes

This two camera system is very easy to install. It simply mounts on the vehicle’s windshield and captures all of the day’s driving events. You can watch what the driver sees out the front camera, but also monitor what the driver is doing inside the vehicle. Are your drivers looking at their phone instead of the road?  Texting is now known to cause more accidents than any other driving related error.  All of the day’s information is saved on an SD Card that can be removed from the camera and loaded onto your computer.  Also available is a new Wi-Fi adapter that can automatically download alerts to your computer.  Monitor the behaviors of your driver: Fast acceleration, hard braking, speeding, and any other driving habit that could be preventing your vehicle from a longer life. 

Replacing your existing vehicle camera system? Read this informative article for more information.

In Vehicle Camera HD – Benefits

  • Lower Insurance Claims
  • Reduce Driver Distraction
  • Coach Drivers on Driver Habits
  • Lower Claims Against Company
  • Confirmed Locations and Deliveries
  • Lower Customer Disputes

In Vehicle Camera HD – Accessories

  • In Vehicle Camera External Storage (SD or HDD)
  • Holds from 32GB Up to 128GB External SD Card Memory Mirroring
  • 128GB Solid State Drive for Mirroring

In Vehicle Camera HD – Wi-Fi

  • Wirelessly Download Your Data
  • Total Management Control

In Vehicle Camera – Locking Bracket is now Built-In

  • Prevents Employee Tampering
  • Secures Wires
  • Locks SD Card in Camera
  • Special Wrench Needed to Remove

Industries using our In-Vehicle Camera

  • Taxi Cab Companies
  • Ambulance Services
  • Railroad Industry
  • Delivery Companies
  • Shuttle Services
  • Limousine Services
  • Driving Schools
  • Bus Lines

Thinking of using our In-Vehicle Camera in a larger fleet? Not a problem! There is a new Wi-Fi adapter that lets you wirelessly download data whenever the vehicle returns to the yard. Remove the hassle of having to download 30-40 SD cards.

In Vehicle Camera

Download Viewer

Click Here for a Free Vehicle Camera Software Demo

Call 888-286-9829 today and see how this In-Vehicle Camera can help monitor your fleet.

Safety Track’s Fleet Camera


1. Can I review my own video?

With the Safety Track Fleet Camera, you are in control of YOUR Data. We feel that no one else can determine your needs better than your team.

2. How long will the camera record without overwriting video?

There are multiple factors on this answer. The setting for  your fleet camera and size of SD Card you are using will impact the length of recording time. Using the default setting, a 32GB SD Card will get you approx. 40 hours of record time.

3. Is there a recurring monthly cost?

ONLY if you use the Safety Track Enterprise Solutions to store your data, If you can store your own data then it is your data with no fees.

4. What are the camera angles of each camera?

Interior camera 120 degree/ exterior camera 170 degree

5. Can I download the data without pulling the SD Card?

For larger fleets, or for those who need to streamline their access to camera video, Safety Track offers a Wi-Fi download adaptor that gives you the ability of automatic downloads once the vehicle comes into the yard/dispatch.  (More information can be obtained from a Safety Track Representative)

6. How do you prevent employee tampering?

Every Safety Track Fleet Camera comes with an anti-tampering bracket. This bracket will prevent employees from pulling the power cord, removing the SD Card, or disabling the camera.

7. What is Safety Track’s Warranty?

Each Safety Track Fleet Camera comes with a one year warranty on manufacturer defects. Giving you the peace of mind you need.

8. Does Safety Track offer follow up support?

Always free and there for you.

9. Does Safety Track provide setup and installation?

We know that not every company has a mechanic or IT Department on site. Safety Track can provide installation and setup of your Wi-Fi system.  Have an IT department? We can work with them, using our specs to ensure that your fleet camera system is up and running in no time.

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