In-Vehicle Car Camera Accessories

The In-Vehicle Car Camera from Safety Track has the ability to be customized for your industry. If you are in need of longer recording time, use the 64GB Solid State Drive for up to 275 hours of continuous recording time. Worried that your drivers may want to disable the camera and prevent you from seeing the day’s events?  We have a locking bracket for your camera that will prevent any employee tampering.  The new Wi-Fi adapter allows automatic downloading from the camera to your computer so when a vehicle parks for the evening, you’ll be able to view alerts such as speeding with GPS and video footage.  The mirror device makes removing and downloading the data faster and easier with the standard SD memory card.


Vehicle Camera Wi-Fi Adapter

Vehicle Camera WIFI AdapterWireless innovation has reached Safety Track’s In-Vehicle Camera System, now allowing camera and GPS data to automatically download to any computer when a vehicle parks for the night.

Correcting driver’s behavior to prevent costly scenarios has never been easier.  Every morning, employers are now able to see the previous day’s driving history for their entire fleet right from their computer.  Fleet Managers can choose from several alert options including: speeding, sudden impact, sharp acceleration or braking, driver prescripted emergencies, and more.  The data from these alerts allow fleet managers to view Google-powered GPS locations, audio, and video feeds surrounding the exact time of the system alert.

In-Vehicle Car Camera – External Storage

  • 64GB Solid State Hard Drive Mirroring
    in vehicle car camera

In Vehicle Car Camera – Mirroring

  • Holds from 4GB up to 32GB external SD Card memory

Driver Video      Car Camera DVR

In Vehicle Car Camera – Locking Bracket

  • Locks your SD Card and all cables connected to your device                        
  • Customized screw and wrench


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