Key Impact – Roles

Adding visibility to dispatcher’s toolbox.

With little visibility into where drivers are or what they are doing, dispatchers can often spend more time on the phone trying to reach their drivers instead of managing them. But what happens when drivers don’t answer their phones? How are you supposed to manage what you can’t see?

Safety Track’s full suite of functionality, including real-time visibility, messaging and alerts, gives you the power to manage your drivers.

Key Impact

  • Know exactly where drivers are with complete visibility into vehicle locations—a bird’s eye view of reality.
  • Easily locate the nearest vehicle and driver to an address or location using Safety Track’s nearest vehicle search.
  • Spend less time on the phone and more time coordinating drivers with FleetOutlook’s communication tools. Send a message directly to a driver’s in-cab navigation device and see when he receives it, opens it, accepts it (in the case of a job address) and responds.


Making life on the road a little easier.

Drivers are some of the most important people in your organization. Not only are they the face of your company to customers, but they are also tied to the revenue of your business.

Drivers are also critical to the success of a Fleet Management Solution. However, companies often overlook the benefits drivers receive and instead focus solely on the benefits to the company’s bottom line. That’s why we’ve extended the benefits of our software to drivers. To make sure they’re successful. Because when they’re successful, your company is successful.

Key Impact

  • Reduce the amount of time spent searching on paper maps for addresses with in-cab navigation and turn-by-turn directions to job addresses.
  • Improve communication with dispatchers using two-way messaging via a Garmin Personnel Navigation Device (PND).
  •  Improve driver safety by using real-time information on both vehicle locations and operating metrics to recognize when there is a potential safety hazard.
  • Eliminate erroneous accidents and aggressive driving claims by validating driver behavior and vehicle locations.


More than Fleet Tracking. A driver productivity and cost savings tool for supervisors.

Supervisors are the first line of defense for improving driver productivity and reducing operational costs. You need real-time information that’s going to enable you to manage your fleet, and quickly identify what’s going on and where the problems are.

Safety Track offers real-time alerts so you can identify issues when they happen and take action. Plus, Safety Track stores historical data so you can review driver performance from yesterday, last week or last year, with the option of having reports delivered directly to your email on a scheduled basis.

Key Impact

  • Easily view vehicle locations for a snapshot of the entire fleet.
  • Receive alerts on conditions that need immediate action, from long idles to unauthorized use.
  • View metrics on all aspects of fleet performance and easily drill down to vehicle level details to identify issues requiring corrective action.
  • View historical GPS Fleet Tracking information to diagnose systematic issues and identify trends in key operational metrics.

Fleet Managers

Using vehicle usage data to make fleet maintenance run like clockwork.

While some fleet managers have the luxury of leveraging a vehicle maintenance solution, many track maintenance schedules and vehicle service history on paper. Regardless of how they track their fleet’s maintenance, few use actual vehicle usage data to ensure scheduled maintenance is performed at the proper interval.

By combining vehicle maintenance with actual usage data from the vehicle itself, Safety Track provides you a powerful tool for reducing unscheduled maintenance and extending the life of your vehicles.

Key Impact

  • Schedule maintenance and see at a glance, which vehicles are due and overdue for maintenance based on actual vehicle usage (mileage, engine hours and calendar days).
  • Account for invisible vehicle wear and tear using idle metrics.
  • View fleet utilization using summary statistics to determine which vehicles are being used and which are sitting in the lot.
  • Reduce manual paperwork to enable mechanics to focus on maintenance, not shuffling papers.


The data you need to make critical decisions about your fleet operations.

Our solution provides a wealth of information about fleet operations to executives and management. With that much information available, the problem isn’t having the right data, it’s finding it.

Safety Track reports and alerts bring those critical pieces of information to the forefront and allow you to make decisions based on accurate and reliable data.

Key Impact

  • View fleet performance using analytics and advanced reporting tools that allow you to easily identify problem areas and improvement opportunities across the organization.
  • Easily see a top-down view of the entire fleet operations including vehicle locations, driver performance and operational status.
  • See-at-a-glance, which drivers are performing and which need coaching.
  • Schedule performance reports to be automatically delivered to your inbox on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
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