Landscaping & Tree Service Fleet Tracking

Landscaping Industry

Landscaping and tree service is a competitive industry – fleet management can set you apart!

Benefits of Fleet Management

There are many benefits of fleet tracking including risk management and cost reduction. Let’s explore how these benefits pertain to the landscaping and tree service industry. 


Landscaping and tree service companies constantly have vehicles in-route to their next job-site. During transport, it is important the drivers, passengers, and equipment remain safe. Our fleet tracking system can help. With live video and other advanced features, our systems allow you to monitor driver behavior and eliminate poor driving habits. In addition, you can receive maintenance reports which will ensure vehicle safety and prolong vehicle life.

Cost Efficiency

Grow your landscaping and tree service business without increasing costs using the GPS Fleet Tracking System from Safety Track. Our system provides greater transparency into the cost of your fleet, allowing you to make effective budgetary changes. An example of this is idle times. A company can now monitor the idle times of vehicles, then put procedures into place to reduce the occurrence, and therefore, reduce the cost.

Another way our fleet tracking systems can be used to increase efficiency is through our routing capabilities. Safety Track has a Google Powered Map that works to re-route drivers in instances of traffic or roadblocks. Less time driving equates to less expenses on gas. Plus, the quicker your employees arrive to the job-site, the better the customer experience will be.

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Safety Track is your one stop source for fleet management. Contact our team to find a landscaping and tree service fleet tracking system that works for you. 

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