Cadillac’s New Safety Features for 2013: Pulse Alert Seat?

The luxury automaker Cadillac will feature brand new technology in two of their 2013 vehicles, the ATS and the XTS. Both sedans will go on sale later this year. In a recent press release, Cadillac explains that their new safety system will integrate cameras, sensors, and a pulsating safety seat that alerts drivers in the event of a potential collision.

The new safety alert seat “generates vibrating pulse patterns on the left and/or right side of the lower bolster to alert the driver of potential dangers, such as drifting from a traffic lane or toward nearby objects while parking. Threats from the front and rear trigger pulses on both sides of the seat.” according to Cadillac.

The new pulsating safety seat is a part of two optional safety packages featured on the 2013 XTS, ATS, and SRX. “The Driver Awareness Package will debut with the launch of the XTS in the spring and offers the seat, Forward Collision Alert, Lane Departure Warning, Side Blind Zone Alert and Rear Cross Traffic Alert”, says Autoblog. “In the fall, Cadillac will begin offering the Driver Assist Package, which adds Adaptive Cruise Control, Front and Rear Automatic Braking, and Automatic Collision Preparation.”

Cadillac Safety Alert Seat Vibrates Pulses Prevents Accidents

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