NTSB Pushes National Cell Phone Ban While Driving

The NTSB called for a nationwide ban on Tuesday that would prohibit phone calls and texting while driving.

While many state and local governments already have similar regulations in place, the NTSB proposal seeks to eliminate all non-emergency calls and texts from every U.S. driver.  If passed, the new ruling would even ban hands-free phone calls, which is far stricter than any other regulations we’ve seen.  However, devices aimed towards driver safety such as GPS navigation systems would still be legal to operate behind the wheel.

The aggressive new recommendation has been made in response to a four vehicle accident that occurred on August 5, 2010 involving two school buses, a bobtail, and a passenger vehicle.  As a result of the collision, two people were killed, while 35 passengers and 3 drivers were injured.  Only eighteen people were uninjured.

Additionally, we’re seeing growing evidence supporting  increased driver distractions.  A recent study even shows that most U.S. drivers admittedly distract themselves while driving, whether it be with a phone call, eating, or last minute grooming.

The discussion is ongoing and no concrete decisions have been made regarding the new proposal.  Visit the links below to learn more on this matter.

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