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Passive Fleet Cameras

Record inside and out of Your Vehicle to a Local SD Card or Hard Drive

Basic In-Vehicle Fleet Camera Features

Basic Passive In-Vehicle Fleet Camera Systems and Features In Single Lens, Dual Lens, & Four Channel. Perfect For Any Size Fleet.

Offering 1080P resolution and a long, continuous recording mode, you can protect your fleet and its drivers with this cost effective Fleet Camera.

Ideal for the Long Haul truckers who need to provide a cost effective way of monitoring their driving habits.
Single Lens In-Vehicle Fleet Camera
ST-In Vehicle Camera | HD Quality Video
The In Vehicle HD DashCam is perfect for any fleet vehicle. It gives you the ability to see all you need to. Replay what your driver does during commute while seeing their view as well!
Great for training or process improvement. This the perfect 2 Channel In Vehicle Fleet Camera System.

Use Safety Track’s Four Channel In Vehicle Fleet Camera System and get the same great information as the 2 camera system, but with 2 additional, external cameras. It gives you more for many views in and around your fleet vehicles! Eliminate “Blind Spots”. Add an in-vehicle monitor and the driver can use the external cameras as backup or side view.

Eliminate “Blind Spots”
Fleet Camera Solution

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Control Your Fleet Costs & Safety