Belleville, MI – October 11, 2011 – Last week at the National Slag Association convention held in Pensacola Florida, the In Vehicle Car Camera from Safety Track was awarded the Best Practice Award, for having the biggest impact on Safety and Training for the Edward C. Levy Company.

Since April of 2011, the Edward C. Levy Company has outfitted over 120 front end loaders and pot carriers in their slag operations. Tim Wozny, of the Fulton Mills location, says this has had the large impact on Safety and Training at his plant location. “We can now look back and see exactly what happened for any incident. This has cut down on time going back and trying to recreate an event. We now have a video record. We use it to train and retrain employees and take a closer look at best practices we have in place. It is a great tool, which saves us time and money.”

Safety Track’s In Vehicle Camera can give companies the added advantage of being able to “ride” along with their drivers. Used to improve driving habits, improve training, reduce insurance claims, it is being used in a variety of businesses, from bus lines, taxi cabs, heavy equipment, to fleet vehicles.

Safety Track of Michigan is a woman-owned business that was established in 2002 to help businesses maintain control of fleet vehicles through the use of GPS Tracking technology and In Vehicle Car Cameras.