New features and capabilities have been added to Safety Track’s GPS Fleet Tracking System.  To meet and exceed industry demands, the following tools are now available to our users: Fuel Card Integration, Automatic Driver Assignment, and GIS Map Overlay.

Fuel Card Integration

Safety Track now supports fuel cards from Fleet One and FleetCor (Fuelman, Universal Fleet MasterCard, etc.), integrating fuel card purchases from member gas stations, maintenance centers and other merchants.

  • Display member merchants or points-of-interest on the Find and Routes maps
  • Activate your fuel card from the Admin-Account page
  • Associate individual fuel cards with either Drivers or Mobiles
  • Hourly transaction updates
  • Fuel card purchase history reporting from entire fleets to individual vehicles
  • IFTA fuel tax reporting
  • A Fuel Card Merchants option appears on the Routes menu allowing dispatchers to include stops at member merchants on routes. This feature requires an account with an activated FleetOne or FleetCor Fuel Card.
  • A new Fuel Purchase Report allows fleet managers to review fuel and non-fuel purchases by fleet or vehicle which reduces the need to reference two systems.

Automatic Driver Assignments

Safety Track’s system now has the added support of Automatic Driver Assignments which allows drivers to be associated with vehicles without the need to manually enter their assignments into the application.  This new solutions requires installation of an iButton reader and buzzer in each applicable vehicle.  Drivers are provided with key fobs to be used when starting the ignition in their vehicle.

  • Upon starting a vehicle’s ignition, a buzzer prompts the driver to swipe a unique key fob against a reader.
  • This action sends a message to the NexTraq platform which automatically associates the driver with the vehicle, logging the date and time of use as a Driver Assignment.
  • The Driver Assignment is reflected on reports and maps.
  • A Driver Assignment ends when the driver swipes the key fob against the reader in a different vehicle or when another driver uses their key fob in the current vehicle.
  • Our new Driver Assignment History report provides assignment details by fleet, mobile or driver.

GIS May Overlay

Safety Track now provides Web Map Server (WMS) overlay functionality in our platform. For accounts requiring customized map layers, a new feature allows users to add their own, internal WMS server- based map layers to map pages in the application.  Once configured on the Admin-Account page, the internal map layer is available as a menu option on maps throughout the Safety Track platform.

Safety Track is constantly striving to provide our clients with an industry leading system that is affordable and easy to use.  We greatly appreciate all your feedback so that we may continue to make advancements that are mutually beneficial.