Safety Track announces Newest Product: In-vehicle 2 Camera DVR.

Belleville, MI, April 1, 2010, Belleville-based Safety Track, a leader in the GPS Fleet Management industry, today announced the company newest product line. A in-vehicle 2 camera DVR. This device will allow fleet managers and business owners the ability to “ride along” with their drivers. With this small 2 camera system that is mounted on the inside of the cabin of the vehicle, you can view action inside the passenger compartment, along with seeing what the driver is seeing.  A GPS Google Map interface gives you an exact location of everything that is happening. All of this is stored on a 4G SD card that can be downloaded for future reference.

About Safety Track.

Headquartered in Belleville, MI, Safety Track, Inc. has delivered GPS Fleet Management Solutions since 2002. Entities like LKQ Corp, Alpine Power, and City of Riverview as well as over 700 service and distribution businesses nationwide and in Canada rely on the Company’s family of GPS Fleet Management Systemsto track the movement of their vehicles, employees, and goods. Safety Track customers see dramatic reductions in fuel costs, overtime pay, excessive speeding and increased vehicle safety, with increased customer service due to using the GPS Fleet Management Application. Call 888-296-9829 for more information. For information on the 2 Camera DVR: Contact: [mailto][email protected][/mailto] Phone: 866-286-9829