Belleville, MI – March 5, 2013 – Just this past week Safety Track was able to provide 200 cameras to go into all of the taxis at Taxi Town, a Chicago-based company. Taxi Town of Chicago, Illinois is the latest to take advantage of the Safety Track In-Vehicle Camera solution. Originally the company only placed an order for 100 cameras however, a few weeks later they chose to double that amount!

The Taxi Industry is in need of saving money and improving safety of all parties involved in this line of work. With all of the happenings that occur in taxis, it is very smart and crucial for this company to have a top notch in-vehicle camera solution for all of their vehicles. There is no better way to protect your company, your drivers, and your passengers than with precise video technology.

Adrian Tudor, owner of Taxi Town said, “we needed an in-fleet camera solution that was cost effective and able to increase passenger and driver safety, Safety Track has provided this for our company.”

Needless to say Taxi Town owner Adrian Tudor is very excited about his investment with Safety Track!