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Rugged & Portable

Live Stream Camera System

Rugged Portable Live Stream Camera

The latest in the series of Live stream camera system from Safety Track brings the ability to stream video from the portable, jobsite camera system.

Secure work sites with this highly portable, rugged camera system, with tripod for use of use and set up.

Remove the tripod and plug into a 110V power source and you are ready to maintain visual coverage of any location, in real time.



Now you have the right tools to ensure the job site is maintain and set up correctly and that the job is done right.

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"One accident can cost your company thousands in increased claims, insurance, Workman Comp, and increased time frame to complete the job. Live video footage will reduce overall expenses and significantly improve your bottom line."

Improve Employee Awareness

Manage Behavior

Employee behavior can help reduce your company’s expenses. Improving your overall company behavior can help your reduce expenses associated with frivolous lawsuits.

Reward Your Employees

You Cannot Change What You Can’t See.

Safety Track’s Rugged Portable Live Streaming Video System is the only system that provides live video footage and can even replay video, 10 or 20 minutes prior to an incident. Know the full truth. Do not rely on a partial view of only 30 seconds to make the determination of what happened. You cannot change what you can’t see. Take the first step in lowering your cost.

Save On Insurance

How Do You Address the Rising Insurance Claim Game?

Not just the Frivolous lawsuits, but the worker’s compensation claims, with the lawyer fees and bad press, let alone the repair cost associated with the damages. The best way to prevent these types of claims is to retrain. How can you retrain if you cannot see, or know what is going on? Safety Track’s Rugged Portable Live Streaming Video System is the only way to see what is going on.  Watch what really happens and retrain.

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