Safety Track Drive Guard

Execute a serious approach against distracted driving with Safety Track Drive Guard

The Safety Track Drive Guard system is the ultimate solution to distracted driving issues. This distracted driving solution provides fleets with best-in-class protection from dangerous texting, tweeting, web browsing or other phone use while driving.

Safety Track Drive Guard connects to a vehicle’s diagnostic computer, and communicates the driving state of a vehicle to protected smart phones, laptops, tablets and handhelds through a patent-pending non-pairing Bluetooth® signal.

Drive Guard Features & Benefits:

  • Drive Guard easily maintains and enforces a company-wide distracted driving policy for all your drivers and vehicles.
  • Drive Guard quickly suspends drivers’ access to mobile devices while driving a moving vehicle.
  • Drive Guard integrates directly with a vehicle’s on-board diagnostics computer to detect vehicle motion instantly and trigger the locking and unlocking of mobile devices in moving vehicles.
  • Drive Guard provides anti-tampering tools and alerting to ensure compliance.
  • Drive Guard reduces company liability and accident exposure.
  • Drive Guard works with more smart phones, tablets, laptops and handhelds than any other solution in the industry.
The Safety Track Drive Guard system is a great ad-on for the ST-M3G product, and gives additional benefits to an already top-of-the-line product.
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