ServicePlus – Free Hardware


ServicePlus – A Hardware Rental Program

  • Low Monthly PaymentsVerizon Partner program
  • No Long-Term Contracts
  • Never Pay to Replace Equipment Again!
  • No hardware purchase required
  • Free equipment upgrades
  • A $25 activation and the first 3 months service required at start.

 As Low as $29.95 per month for 30 Second updates (based on a 1 year Agreement) on the Complete GPS Fleet Tracking System !

The Advanced GPS Unit is our mid-level device, designed as a universal solution with 24/7 web-based visibility and continuous tracking.

Here’s what you get with the Complete GPS Fleet Tracking System:

The Complete GPS Fleet Tracking Solution on the Verizon Network

  1. Real-Time Web-based Data
  2. CDMA or GSM technology provided for wireless coverage flexibility
  3. Internal Antennas for easy installation or covert installation
  4. Optional external antennas
  5. Full Reporting Capabilities
  6. Integrated Google Maps
  7. 30 Second Updates
  8. Driver Scorecard
  9. Posted Speed Alerts
  10. Alerts (Maintenance, Speeding, Geofence, Idling, etc.) Automatically Sent to Phone
  11. Complete 180 Day Vehicle History
  12. 1-Year Agreement

*Installation/labor not included

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