S-911 Lola Personal Locator

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S-911 Lola Compact Personal Locator S-911 Lola GPS Personal Locator

The S-911 Lola is the world’s smallest GPS Locating Device with voice communication. This small GPS locator is ideal for autistic children, special operations, a family or friend with a cognitive disorder, tracking a pet, or any vehicle/asset.

Real-time locations are tracked with a powerful web-based system that can be viewed from any computer or capable mobile device. Additional options are available in the system such as automated alerting via e-mail/cell phone, geo-fence boundaries, a variety of reports, and more.

S-911 Lola GPS Personal Locator

S-911 Lola Personal Locator Specifications

Establish a designated perimeter for the device and receive enter/exit alerts if it is crossed. The alerts can be sent by text, e-mail, or to the system’s web dashboard.

Real-Time Location
You may log into the web platform and ping the current real-time GPS location.

The device can send automated alerts in a text message, an e-mail, or flagging a system alert on the web. Alerts include geo-fence boundary crossing, g-shock, speeding, and more.

During a fall or other impact (between 1-5g’s, the S-911 Lola can send an alert via text, e-mail, or system alert. However this feature can be disabled for those without use for it.

Water/Splash Resistant
The device has a waterproof enclosure available to protect it from the elements.

Size RatioWeb System
The S-911 Lola‘s state of the art web-based system is powered by Location Now software. Utilizing 24 satellites, this new technology offers coverage worldwide for pinpoint GPS locations. Both GPRS and GSM cell signals are used to link the S-911 Lola and the web system. The web-based system reports all the device’s information in a powerful easy-to-use setup.

The product dimensions are 5.4 x 4.0 x 1.6 cm / 2.1 x 1.5 x 0.6 inches. 

S-911 Lola Accessories

Belt/Backpack Carrying Case

Additionally, the case protects the device from drops and provides a clasp to lock the device or fasten it to something such as a backpack or a collar.

Web Platform Screen Shots

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S-911 Lola GPS Personal Locator

S-911 Lola GPS Personal Locator

S-911 Lola GPS Personal Locator

S-911 Lola GPS Personal Locator

S-911 Lola GPS Personal Locator

S-911 Lola GPS Personal Locator

Monitoring Plans

Bronze Plan: 15 min updates or 3000 meters of movement  – $29.95

Silver Plan: 10 min updates or 2000 meters of movement  – $34.95

Gold Plan: 5 min updates or 1000 meters of movement – $39.95

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