ST-1200 | “Refer” Trailer Tracking

ST-1200 Refer Trailer Tracking

Refer Trailer TrackingOnce the The ST-1200 Refer Trailer Tracking System is installed in the refrigerated compartment of your refer trailer, will take temperature samplings every two minutes and post them in the activity report in our fleet management application. These readings are also displayed with other information for each specific two minute update (such as current location and vehicle activity status) providing comprehensive data to make intelligent management decisions about the condition of your cargo. Reviewing the associated data may yield information about driver habits, equipment functionality, the need to service refrigerated units or the urgent need to return to the office ASAP due to temperature fluctuations shown in the reports. Users may set alerts to receive notification of temperatures that have risen above acceptable limits – for specific lengths of time.

For installation on trailers, where exposure to the elements is required, the The ST-1200 may be installed using the weatherproof DuraTrac device. Box trucks simply require normal in-cab device installation.

The The ST-1200 Refer Trailer Tracking unit  is designed to display critical data with regard to mobile refrigerated compartments on trucks and trailers. The sensor, coupled with the Web-Based reporting application gives the user the ability to see running temperature read-outs with alerts to notify management personnel of any potential problems with regard to the refrigeration status of cargo in the compartment.

Implementation of the system is of critical importance in the food & beverage industries to reduce the incidence of damaged perishables due to changes in refrigeration conditions.

The The ST-1200 Refer Trailer Tracking System can track multiple cabin temps and provide fast ROI with regard to saved shipments of perishable goods

ST-1200 Refer Trailer Tracking Benefits

  • Increased Speed and Accuracy of Critical Temperature Data
  • Real-Time Logistical Monitoring and Tracking
  • Reduced Shrinkage and Spoilage Problems
  • Lowered Cost of Waste
  • Improved Operational Efficiency
  • Improved Driver Awareness
  • Enhanced Customer Service and Brand Value

ST-1200 Refer Trailer Tracking – Features

  • On-Demand Locating
  • Real-Time Temperature Data
  • High Set Temperature Alerts
  • Low Set Temperature Alerts
  • Power Loss Alerts
  • Temperature on-off Controller
  • Bread Crumb Trail
  • Alert Management
  • Industrial Water Resistant Enclosure
  • Back-up Battery (Optional)

ST-1200 Refer Trailer Trackng Alerts – Data

Refer Trailer Tracking


ST-1200 Reports

  • Food Quality/HACCP Report
  • After Hour Report
  • All Trips Report
  • Consolidated Trip Report
  • Daily Detail
  • First/Last Location Report
  • Geo-Fence Violation Report
  • Idle Report
  • Inactivity Report
  • Landmark Report
  • Input Alert
  • Speed Alert
  • Stop Report
  • Summary Report

A simple to use, yet valuable asset for your Refer Trailer Tracking Fleet!

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