Teen Tracking

Teen Tracking  – Don’t Let Your Child Be a Statistic

Teen TrackingJust knowing that they are being tracked helps deter misbehavior behind the wheel. Be notified when a certain speed has been exceeded. Set the Geo-Fence feature to notify you if the car enters or leaves a specified area. Teen Tracking is now made easier for you.

Teen Tracking technology provides parents the various tools to allow their teenager to exercise the liberty they desire while allowing mom and dad to discover exactly where they may be as well as if they are safe and sound. When, for instance, you track your youth vehicle, you are able to keep track of speed and location of the vehicle, obtain notifications when the vehicle is relocated or stolen, as well as generate a “perimeter” around locations your teenagers are or aren’t allowed to go. This device will give you the home address and also the name of the place where the teenager can be found. Teen Tracking works extremely well in tracking your adolescence’s actions:

Now with Driver Behavior Suite:

Know when you Teen Driver is driving erratic.

  • Hard Braking
  • Hard Acceleration
  • Overspeed
  • Hard Turns

All the Alerts and Reports you need for Teen Tracking:

  • Keeps Track of Speed
  • Keep Track of Engine Idle Times
  • Keep Track of Accepted and Unaccepted Destinations
  • Keep Track of Your Teenagers Driving Abilities
  • Keep Track If Other People Are Inside the Car
  • Keep Track of Most Regularly Visited Destinations
  • Set a Perimeter-Wall Around Unwanted Locations

The fact is that the real danger is knowing that no teenager contains the expertise to think realistically during a panic situation. Isn’t Teen Tracking well worth the expense? Isn’t it time for you to discuss with your son or daughter the real dangers of teen driving and the need for tracking their vehicle. The protection of your children, as well as your peace of mind is a good enough reason why all parents should think about Teen Tracking.

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Teen Tracking Benefits

Traffic crashes are the leading cause of teen fatalities, accounting for 44% of teen deaths in the U.S.
The National Safety Council sees the issue as a national crisis.
  • Reduce Teen Drivers’ Exposure to Risk with the Teen Tracking System
  • Modify Risky Driving Behavior
  • Develop Driver Skills and Experience

With the Teen Tracking System, you are driving with your teenager all the time. Use it to discuss driving habits and correct poor driving decisions before they become costly.


Geofence AlertsOur mapping system gives you the ability to see where your teen has gone and how long they stayed at any location. This Teen Tracking System lets you actually see how they drive the vehicle.


Teen Tracking


  • Speed Alerts: With the Teen Tracking Unit, messages can be sent directly to your cell phone as a text message. Know instantly when your child is speeding.
  • Geo-Fence Alerts: Know when you child leaves a certain area.
  • Idle Alert: When the vehicle has idled over a specific time period.
  • Odd Hours: Driving outside of normal drive times.

Teen Tracking History

Teen Tracking

With the Teen Tracking System, you get full history reporting. Know where your teenager has been and for how long at each stop. Notice the speed alerts that are standard with the Teen Tracking Unit

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