Live Trailer Tracking

America’s Best Live Trailer Tracking Solution

Live Trailer Tracking

ST-312The Live Trailer Tracking Unit is a small, self-contained, Real-Time GPS Trailer Tracking Device with battery backup. Made of high impact plastic and waterproof to up to 5 feet underwater, this device can take the everyday punishment of the trailer tracking industry. You can now track your heavy equipment or fleet trailers with this compact device. Real-time 10 or 30-minute updates when your asset is moving. With its full reporting capability, you have all the data from the past 6 months at your finger tip. Lower your insurance rates and increase your recovery of stolen property. This is a cost effective solution to your trailer tracking needs.

Why Safety Track?

The Live Trailer Tracking Features

  • When Moving: 10-Minute or 30-Minute Updates
  • Unauthorized Movement Alerts
  • Internal Antennas (GPS/Cellular)
  • Low Start-Up Cost
  • Runs One Week on Battery Power
  • Battery Backup
  • Geo-Fence Capabilities

The Live Trailer Tracking – Mapping

Fleet Tracking

Satellite View

Google Street View

Street View

Mapping View

Mapping View

The Live Trailer Tracking Reports

  • Location and Routes, by Detailed Color Map, Satellite Image, and Address
  • Online Reports of Mileage, Stops, and Moves
  • Vehicle Closest to Your Customer
  • Details of Continuous Activity During the Past 6 Months
  • Alerts: Vehicle Speeding (You Set the Limits)
  • Geo-Fencing Capabilities


  • Up to 180 Days of Historical Data Saved Online
  • Breadcrumb Trail for Each Day
  • Email Reports





Safety Track's Web Interface

Our Easy to Use Web Interface gives you the ability to manage all of your assets in one location.

  • 180 Day History
  • Alerts
  • Maintenance Alerts
  • IFTA Reports
  • See overlapping route

Choosing the Live Trailer Tracking Solution is as easy as calling 888-286-9829.

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