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A Simple Solution – Personal Vehicle Tracking

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Parents, now can get the same real-time data that comes with the bigger, more costly systems. The Simple Solution offers a full feature GPS Fleet Tracking Solution, but without the costly installation charges associated with other Fleet Tracking Systems. Just plug it into any vehicles OBDII plug-in and you are ready to track your fleet. The Simple Solution has full reporting and alerts functionality. Improve the maintenance of your fleet with its maintenance feature.

 Personal Vehicle Tracking Features:

Now with Driver Behavior Suite

Rate your drivers daily, weekly or monthly on how they are using your fleet vehicles.

  • Hard Braking
  • Hard Acceleration
  • Hard Turns
  • Over-speed

Reports and Alerts

  • Full Reporting
  • Real-Time 30 second Updates
  • SMS Alerts to Your Cell Phone
  • Google Maps
  • Automated Download–Reports
  • Maintenance Alerts
  • Speeding Alerts


The Latest in Personal Vehicle Tracking Mapping

Fleet Tracking

Satellite View

Google Street View

Street View

Mapping View

Mapping View


Fleet TrackingWant the system that is the absolute easiest to install? This is it. Just plug it into your OBDII connector, that is in every vehicle in America since 1996. Save an additional $75.00 to $100.00 per vehicle with NO installation cost. Need to trade in a lease? Just unplug the unit and plug it into the next vehicle. Simple!

Full Personal Vehicle Tracking Reports

We offer the industry’s most effective and efficient reporting. With over a dozen reports offered, your fleet’s information is available within seconds. A few examples:

  • Engine Hours
  • Cost Analysis
  • Start/Stop Report
  • Maintenance
  • Detailed Report
  • State Mileage

Simple Fleet Tracking – IVR

With the IVR System that comes with every Simple Unit, you can locate and manage your fleet from your cell phone. Fleet owner/operators find this feature invaluable in their everyday management of their business.

How It Works

To use it, simply dial the toll-free number that comes with your sales confirmation email. If the number you are calling from is associated with your account you will be automatically logged into the voice system. Otherwise, you will have to say (site recognizes speech) or type your account phone number and PIN. The PIN is a 4 digit security code you can change at any time.

Available Commands

You can access the online voice system to obtain the following information:

  • Current Location of Vehicle
  • Current Day’s Last Movement of Vehicle
  • First Location of the Day
  • Previous Day’s Last Location
  • Previous Day’s First Location

The voice service is very useful for monitoring your vehicle when you are not near a computer but still need to know where your vehicle is. All of the locates you perform with the voice service will also show up on your browser so you will be always be able to see your location history on your computer. Fleet Tracking made easier for you. Call Safety Track today 888-286-9829!

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