ST-911 Enforcer Bracelet

ST-911 Enforcer GPS Tracking Bracelet 

(Available 4th quarter 2018)

The ST-911 Enforcer GPS Tracking Bracelet is the latest technology being used to track any person with a flight risk. Manufactured to the highest industry standards, this ST-911 Enforcer can handle the tough everyday needs of Law enforcement.

ST-911 Enforcer is a wrist wearable device with GPS and 3G. It has features for law enforcement, house arrest, and restraining orders applications. It has man down alert feature, in/out of Geo‐Fences alert, real-time position reporting, and tamper detection of band opening and breaking.

Now you can track and monitor those that are low-risk offenders, or Alzheimer Patients. Maintain constant contact and be alerted when they go outside a zone or leave a location.




Have up to 4 responders per each device. Get SMS notifications of falls, Existing Geofences, low battery, or removing the bracelet, either by cutting or tampering.



Health Care GPS Personal Tracking

ST-911 Enforcer GPS Tracking Bracelet

Features and Specifications :

  • 3G UMTS 850/900/1700/1900/2100 MHz
  • AGPS Built-In
  • Real-Time Position Report Based on Time Interval and Distance Travelled
  • SmartLog When No 3G Coverage is Available
  • Waterproof Speaker & MIC for 2 Ways Voice Communication
  • 20 Geofence Setting with Inclusion/Exclusion Alert
  • Motion Sensor Built-In
  • Bluetooth BLE 4.2 Built-In for 100 Meters Line of Sight
  • Security Band with Lock and Tamper Alert
  • Rechargeable Li‐Ion Polymer Battery of 1400mA/h
  • Battery Operation Time: 2 days
  • Low Battery Alarm Alert
  • Micro USB Port for Charging
  • Robust, Reliable and Water Resistant at IP67
  • Arm Band Charger Accessory is Available
 Waterblock HzO’s proprietary WaterBlock™ is cutting-edge technology that protects valuable electronics from water, humidity, and other liquids. WaterBlock™ gives the ST-911 Tracking Bracelet water protection against accidental splashes and brief submersion.

ST-911 Enforcer GPS Tracking Bracelet

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GPS Personal Tracking

Welcome Screen

GPS Personal Tracking

Alert Messages

GPS Personal Tracking

Alert Notification

Single Geofence

Single Geo-Fence

GPS Personal Tracking

Route Sequence

GPS Personal Tracking

Multiple Geo-Fences


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