Advanced| GPS Fleet Tracking

The Advance Solution – GPS Fleet Tracking System With Dispatch

fleet trackingA Simple to use,  Real-Time GPS Fleet Tracking Solution.

It is a 100% Web-Based System.  It is a fleet management tool that provides a rapid Return on Investment (ROI) and enables a fleet manager to REDUCE costs and INCREASE overall operational efficiencies.
Safety Track’s Advance GPS Fleet Tracking system provides fleet managers with Vehicle Location, Tracking, Reports and Alerts in a user-friendly and cost-effective solution with dispatch tracking.

The Advance Solution gives all the feature you expect in a GPS Fleet Tracking System, along with Free Dispatch Upgrade. All you do is add the Garmin.


Complete System Features

  • Real-Time Web-based Data
  • Full Reporting Capabilities
  • Customizable SMS (text) Alerts Automatically Sent to Phone
  • Integrated Google Maps
  • Several Alerts (Maintenance, Speeding, Geofence, Idling, etc.)
  • Complete 180 Day Vehicle History
  • 3-Year Hardware Warranty
  • Dispatch Enabled

Complete Mapping – Google Integration


Google Satellite view

Google Street view

Google Street View

GPS Fleet Tracking

Google map








Complete Benefits

Safety Track’s Advance Solution gives real time visibility and allows fleet owners to:

  • Reduce operating expenses
  • Detect and eliminate waste and fraud
  • Improve worker performance and compliance
  • Track start/stop times through visibility into driver routes and time stamps for entering or exiting a job site

It also provides valuable information to help Identify and correct driver behaviors that infiltrate your business and impact your bottom line, including:

  • Speeding
  • Excessive idling
  • Route and schedule compliance
  • Travel outside authorized areas
  • Unauthorized use of company vehicles
  • Fuel theft
  • Increase accuracies and efficiencies
  • Ensure accurate time reporting for billing and payroll, and on-time scheduled vehicle maintenance

Advanced Dispatch

GPS Fleet Tracking / DispatchRoute your vehicles and communicate with your drivers using the most user friendly GPS based route management and communications system available today – at a price you can afford.

In conjunction with Garmin, the industry leader in turn-by-turn navigation systems,
Safety Track proudly offers the Driver Dispatch Fleet Management System.
Cost effective and driver friendly, this system was designed to provide companies
with cutting edge tools for tracking, routing, dispatching and messaging. Reliable
real-time wireless connectivity combined with voice aided guidance make this the
perfect tool for drivers, dispatchers and customer service.


Message View

  • Fleet Tracking with DispatchSend messages by driver or fleet.
  • Request a read receipt.
  • Ask a yes/no question.
  • Get delivery notifications in real-time.
  • Filter inbox by driver.
  • Outbox filtered by driver, message type and message status.
  • View mail from prior days.
  • Closed message system keeps drivers from messaging or communicating.



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