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ST-370 GPS Tracking SoftwareST-2500 GPS Tracking Software
The ST-2500 is a universal solution for fleets seeking continuous GPS tracking software. Featuring 24/7 web-based visibility, powerful reporting, automated alerts, and notification options, the ST-2500 is a very capable tool that can optimize your fleet while lowering costs.

Want to try a live demo?
Safety Track offers a live demo of the ST-2500 with real vehicles to anyone that’s interested.
Click here to login online and demo the ST-2500 system 


ST-2500 System Features

  • Real-Time Web-based Data
  • Full Reporting Capabilities
  • Customizable SMS (text) Alerts Automatically Sent to Phone
  • Integrated Google Maps
  • Several Alerts (Maintenance, Speeding, Geofence, Idling, etc.)
  • Complete 180 Day Vehicle History

ST-2500 Mapping – Google Integration 

Google Satellite view

Google Street view

Google Street view

Google map

Google map

System Screen Shot

(Click to Enlarge)ST-370 Screen Shot




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