Single Lens DashCam

Owner/Operators, this is for you.

Safety Track releases a new Single Single Dashcam.Android App

It has 1080P quality video and is continuous recording device. This means it is recording all the time you are driving.

Ever have an incident that you wanted to show a law enforcement agent that you were not at fault. This is that camera.

single lens dashcam

With it being a continuous recording device, it will keep on recording and rewrite itself. Its only there when you need it.Never worry about a camera facing you, this one has only one. Choose from multiple setting and record rates. it even has an on board screen so you can play back the video right on the spot. No need to take out the SD card and put into a computer.

If insurance rates are driving you crazy and you want to that control of your tractor, then add this single camera system to your next long haul.

Single Lens DashCam Features:

Resolution1080P 25fps
View Angle (F)105
View Angle (I) N/A
StorageSD Class 10
TV outNO
IR RemoteYES
Monitor2.5″ 4:3
Force RecordYES