In Vehicle Cameras – Changing Fleet Management Forever!

ST-In Vehicle Camera

In today’s economy, having the ability to not only track your fleet vehicle, but also ride along with them has just made its way to the small business owner. Once too costly to be an advantage to the small business owners, the In Vehicle Camera DVR for Safety Track changes all that.
This 2 camera system is easy to install, as it mounts inside the vehicle, on the windshield and captures all of the days driving events.
You can watch and see what the driver sees out the front camera, but also watch and see what the driver is doing. Distracted driving is now known to cause more accidents than any other driver related mistake. All of the day’s information is saved on a SD card that can be removed from the device and loaded onto your computer. See the habits and make correct to fast acceleration, hard braking and any other driving habit that could be causing your vehicle from a longer life.
This camera has been tested and is being used in many different industries today. From taxi and ambulance services, Heavy Equipment in the steel industry, to even railroad companies now want to see what is going on in their vehicles.

Thinking of using this in a larger fleet, not a problem, there is even a WI-FI adapter that let you wirelessly download data whenever the vehicle returns back to the yard. No more having to download 30-40 SD cards. Manage your fleet’s data, and not let someone else do it for you.
Low start up cost, with NO reoccurring fees, ever!
This is changing how companies look at monitoring their fleet vehicles.