CSA 2010 Compliance

Many Changes are coming this year for the fleet trucking industry. Safety Track’s Fleet Management System can give you the ability to track and maintain drivers moving hours. Stored for up to 6 months and having the ability to store into your tracking system, gives you the added advantage need to meet the tough CSA 2010 requirements set forth by the U.S. Government. With the built in maintenance module, you can track DOT information and Safety Inspections, all in one convenient location. Track any infraction your driver may have or your fleet may have within the system. Along with these feature the Fleet Management System from Safety Track, a leader in Fleet Safety and Tracking, your will have a industry leading fleet tracking and routing solution. Track and dispatch your fleet to approved truck routes.

Safety Track

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Asset/Trailer Tracking

Since the inception of GPS Tracking and Fleet tracking, there has not been a unit that can provide large fleet trailer owner with the reliable tracking and scalable management of their trailer fleet.

Battery life has long been the Achilles heel of the trailer tracking unit. Many units were very reliable, yet the battery life would last only a few days to a few months. Some even tried solar power units in an effort to breach this gap in the trailer tracking oasis.

One unit now claims to have battery life of up to ten years. TEN YEARS!!! With full online reporting and 6 updates a day, this unit bridges the gap of functionality and form. This seems to be an answer to the long awaited question, How They Do That? The unit is very compact and low in profile. 6.3″ X 9.2″ X 1.77″. It can be fitted on any trailer, either vertically or horizontally. Log in and “see” what you have been missing

Trailer tracking has now met its match.