The Big Brother Myth SOLVED!

Do your employees cringe at the idea of a GPS tracking device and In-Vehicle Cameras in their vehicle? The resistance to “big brother” can be a struggle for employers to overcome and employees may complain about being “spied on” or “a loss of trust.” Some drivers may even threaten to quit if a fleet tracking device or camera is put in the vehicle, but if they’re not doing anything wrong, why would they be so upset? Even though drivers are some of the harshest critics of GPS vehicle tracking technology, they actually have a lot to gain.

Increased Driver Safety


Whether they choose to believe it or not, drivers who speed put themselves at a higher risk for accidents. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says speeding is a factor in one-third of all motor vehicle
accidents. With Safety Track’s Speed Alerts and Camera DVR system, you’ll be able to see what’s going on inside and out of the vehicle, while also seeing speed alerts, idle time and much more. By eliminating the temptation to speed, your drivers will be far safer, while receiving less traffic tickets. You can even use the automated reports and video to argue inaccurate speeding fines and accidents.

Fight Wrongful Accident Liability

Even when your drivers are cautious and safe, accidents can still happen; we’re all human. If your employee gets into a wreck, the police may get an earful of the “he-said-she-said” game.  Individuals may want to sue your business, hoping to get some extra cash for “pain and suffering.” With an In-Vehicle Camera system, along with a fleet tracking solution, you’ll have concrete records and VIDEO what is happening in and around your vehicle, along with your driver’s speed, location, direction of travel and more. It can turn a knock-down-drag-out lawyer fight into an open-and-shut case, saving you TIME and MONEY. You’ll keep the points off your driver’s license and the lawyer’s fees off your books.

Driver Incentive Programs

Even with the data and video on their side, drivers may still resist a GPS Fleet Tracking System. However, a simple incentive program can change the minds of even the most stubborn employee to get on board. After installing Safety Track’s system, you’ll notice a decrease in fuel cost, insurance claims, and also repair costs, almost immediately. Taking a portion of that savings and offering it to your safest and most fuel-conscious employees as a gift card, free time off or cash bonus, can show your drivers that fleet tracking devices can work for them. With our Fleet Metrics dashboard application, you easily see who has the fewest Speed Alerts, lowest idle times and more. Print them off and post them in the office to create a friendly competition. You’ll soon have your drivers boasting about saving you money.

Distracted Fleet Drivers and How To Prevent it.

Did you know that only 52% of accidents involving cell phones are actually coded as such accidents? There has been a major issue with continuous cell phone use by drivers that can be distracting and cause accidents or problems while in transport.

Did you know that as an employer, the company can be held responsible for accidents caused by drivers and cell phones?

Its time to take the steps to start preventing such accidents and this use by drivers. Safety Track offers a variety of products that can help protect the company from these problems and help with the safety of your fleet drivers and others on the road.

Safety Track’s In-Vehicle-Camera can be a key to preventing cell phone use while driving. While a vehicle is in motion it is being monitored by Safety Track’s In-Vehicle-Camera from two different angles; A driver’s compartment view and a forward view.  The technology of monitoring a drivers actions can help prevent any unethical actions a driver may commit while in commute, including cell phone use and texting.

Many drivers may use Cell phones for navigation or a form of finding directions, well, that is no longer needed. With Safety Tracks GPS Fleet Tracking Systems you can know where your driver is and tell them where to go at the same time. Tracking systems are equipped with navigation screens that are dispatched to from the home or office; there is no longer a need for the driver to even take there hands off the wheel anymore with Safety Track’s Technologies.

Coming Soon to Safety Track is also a Four Channel GPS, DVR, Live streaming camera system that can allow employers to monitor there driver right then and there with location and a view of what the driver sees all around and a view of the driver. Advances in GPS Fleet Safety technology are coming fast so check out this Camera offered soon from Safety Track.

Check Out and for more information on the products or, check out fleet blogs for a blog on cell phone use.

Tracking Your Teen Driver

It’s ten o’clock; do you know where your children are…and how fast they’re traveling? This has been an age old worry for parents of teen drivers. With today’s new technology, it is much simpler than you think.Steps

  • 1. First determine the type of tracking system you will need for tracking your teen driver.
  • 2. There are many types of GPS tracking devices on the market today.
  • 3. The first type of tracking device is a passive device that collects driving data. Once placed in the vehicle it can collect driving data for up to two weeks. You then must remove the unit from your vehicle and then the data can be downloaded onto your computer. A detailed report of the past time the device was in the vehicle will be generated using Google maps of Microsoft Virtual earth. You can either plug these units into your 12v power outlet in your car, or have any local auto installer hardwire the unit for out of sight installation.
  • 4. This is cost effective with unit cost ranging from $150 – $300.
  • 5. The second type is a real-time tracking unit that can be easily installed into a vehicle and gives real-time information via the internet. The parent goes online and logins into their account and can locate the vehicle (teen driver) at any time of the day or night. Many of these have a monthly monitoring cost needed to transmit the data back to the server which gives you the real-time information. With this type of unit, you can receive alerts of speeding or leaving/entering “zones” that the parent can create. These types of unit require hardwire installation from any auto installer. Insurance discounts are available from your insurance carrier for having a real-time tracking unit in your vehicle.
  • 6. These units can range in cost from $299 – $499.



  • If your teen driver finds out that he/she is being tracked, you will need to be ready to explain/defend the need for this device. This can be a difficult discussion. Sometimes prior notice of tracking of the vehicle and the reasons why can help the situation.

Asset/Trailer Tracking

Since the inception of GPS Tracking and Fleet tracking, there has not been a unit that can provide large fleet trailer owner with the reliable tracking and scalable management of their trailer fleet.

Battery life has long been the Achilles heel of the trailer tracking unit. Many units were very reliable, yet the battery life would last only a few days to a few months. Some even tried solar power units in an effort to breach this gap in the trailer tracking oasis.

One unit now claims to have battery life of up to ten years. TEN YEARS!!! With full online reporting and 6 updates a day, this unit bridges the gap of functionality and form. This seems to be an answer to the long awaited question, How They Do That? The unit is very compact and low in profile. 6.3″ X 9.2″ X 1.77″. It can be fitted on any trailer, either vertically or horizontally. Log in and “see” what you have been missing

Trailer tracking has now met its match.

New Study Reports: Fleet Tracking Saves Money!

“A study published in December 2007 by the Aberdeen Group noted that adopting location-based services results in the following improvements:”

  • 13.2% reduction in fuel costs
  • 19.2% decrease in miles traveled
  • 13.4% reduction in overtime costs
  • 27.4% improvement in fleet utilization
  • 26.1% improvement in workforce utilization
  • 23.8% improvement in service response times

Is it time you look closer at tracking your vehicles?

How GPS Tracking Can Help Your Company

How GPS Tracking Can Help Your Company

Use digital GPS fleet tracking to see where your vehicles are every minute on your PC screen. Get instant alerts on your email or phone. Set geofences, speed limits and more. Lower your fuel costs and increase productivity. Our easy-to-use web interface let’s managers have all their critical fleet information with the click of the mouse. Companies realize an ROI within weeks of using the system simply by the positive change in driver behavior. Other uses and benefits included:

  • Monitor Gas Cards / Gas Purchases: Let’s face the facts–fuel is an expensive business cost at any price, and some employees try to cut corners and cut money out of your bottom line. Can you afford even one employee stealing $20 in fuel every week ($1040/year) from your gas account. That’s $1040 you could put in your own gas tank! This is another area where questionable purchases can be tracked and verified with our easy-to-use GPS fleet tracking software.
  • Dispatch: The system allows dispatchers to send drivers to more jobs without the cost of more vehicles. Routing becomes easier and more efficient. The advantages to your dispatchers are valuable and immediate.
  • Driver Accountability: Drivers now have a way to verify customer visit times and work completed. This offers them a reliable way to track their progress and protects them (and you!) against customer complaints. Further, there won’t be anymore “gray area” when an employee or customer disputes time spent on the job.
  • Customer Service: Your customers will benefit from increased accuracy, faster status reporting, detailed billing information, and fewer delays in arrival time. These are just a few of the ways your customers and your employees will enjoy GPS tracking. “You can’t manage what you don’t measure”. Nothing is more true than when discussing a business with a commercial fleet. Waste and inefficiencies come in many forms.