Improve Fleet Safety with a 4G DashCam

Would the ability to view the inside of your delivery truck, while it is on the road, give you a better idea of what the driver is doing?
Think of it this way. Every driver in your fleet is a sales rep, company rep, or just a traveling billboard for your company.

Improve Fleet safety
Distracted Darryl

Are they a Distracted Darryl?

Flipping off drivers, cutting off drivers, or just not paying attention while they driver.
You could get GPS tracking system. Some even have driver behavior attached to them. Some even give you training video to train your fleet drivers. You may even pay for a safety trainer to come in a talk to your drivers, give them all kinds of helpful advice. But that’s it, it’s only advice. What happens after your driver leaves the office is really a mystery. All the training in the world could go out the window once they turn the corner, unless you have the ability to “see” into the vehicle, in real time.
Imagine, with a click of your mouse, watching into the vehicle. What if you could see into up to 16 vehicle at once. With the our viewer software and 4G DashCam, you can watch up to 16 vehicles and it cost half of what a Janus V2 cost.
Time are changing, fleet tracking is just not enough anymore, you need to protect your fleet and your drivers.

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