Can Distracted Driving Affect Your Business?

Distracted Driving can impact your fleet anytime, anywhere.The adverse effect of any one of these can have an impact on your bottom line.What Distracted Driving Does

  • Higher Insurance Rates
  • Lawsuits
    Legal Claims
  • Workman Comp Rates Increases

All these can lead to a situation where you may ask yourself, “How did this Happen”.

You may even say that you took precautions by installing a GPS Tracking System, and was told that you could manage your fleet with it.
That was a partial truth.
Having a Tracking System can only provide a small amount of data, once you fleet leaves your sight.

Distracted Driving Training:

You can do all the training in the world to try and improve fleet safety, then your drivers forgot the minute they leave the yard.

So how can you change this?

What if you had a Live Streaming 3G DashCam install on the front window of your fleet vehicles.

What if you could ride along with your fleet and see exactly what they were doing.

  • Monitoring Texting
  • Cell phone usage
  • Bad driving habits.

What if the drivers knew you could watch them? Would this improve Distracted Driving?

Do you think this may effect their driver habits?

Distracted Driver
Live Streaming 3G DashCam

What if this Front Window Mounted DashCam came with a GPS tracking suite and cost under $400.00 for the camera.

What if the monthly video package was under $34.95 and INCLUDED the GPS tracking suite.

Well it is available now.
Check out our Distracted Driving Package!

3G Dash Camera

The Big Brother Myth SOLVED!

Do your employees cringe at the idea of a GPS tracking device and In-Vehicle Cameras in their vehicle? The resistance to “big brother” can be a struggle for employers to overcome and employees may complain about being “spied on” or “a loss of trust.” Some drivers may even threaten to quit if a fleet tracking device or camera is put in the vehicle, but if they’re not doing anything wrong, why would they be so upset? Even though drivers are some of the harshest critics of GPS vehicle tracking technology, they actually have a lot to gain.

Increased Driver Safety


Whether they choose to believe it or not, drivers who speed put themselves at a higher risk for accidents. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says speeding is a factor in one-third of all motor vehicle
accidents. With Safety Track’s Speed Alerts and Camera DVR system, you’ll be able to see what’s going on inside and out of the vehicle, while also seeing speed alerts, idle time and much more. By eliminating the temptation to speed, your drivers will be far safer, while receiving less traffic tickets. You can even use the automated reports and video to argue inaccurate speeding fines and accidents.

Fight Wrongful Accident Liability

Even when your drivers are cautious and safe, accidents can still happen; we’re all human. If your employee gets into a wreck, the police may get an earful of the “he-said-she-said” game.  Individuals may want to sue your business, hoping to get some extra cash for “pain and suffering.” With an In-Vehicle Camera system, along with a fleet tracking solution, you’ll have concrete records and VIDEO what is happening in and around your vehicle, along with your driver’s speed, location, direction of travel and more. It can turn a knock-down-drag-out lawyer fight into an open-and-shut case, saving you TIME and MONEY. You’ll keep the points off your driver’s license and the lawyer’s fees off your books.

Driver Incentive Programs

Even with the data and video on their side, drivers may still resist a GPS Fleet Tracking System. However, a simple incentive program can change the minds of even the most stubborn employee to get on board. After installing Safety Track’s system, you’ll notice a decrease in fuel cost, insurance claims, and also repair costs, almost immediately. Taking a portion of that savings and offering it to your safest and most fuel-conscious employees as a gift card, free time off or cash bonus, can show your drivers that fleet tracking devices can work for them. With our Fleet Metrics dashboard application, you easily see who has the fewest Speed Alerts, lowest idle times and more. Print them off and post them in the office to create a friendly competition. You’ll soon have your drivers boasting about saving you money.

Real Eyes Realize Real Lies

In this high tech day and age we live in, GPS and Cameras are something that most fleet owners need. In-Vehicle Cameras are the must have of today’s fast pace world , proving an accurate whereabouts of their drivers, cutting down on unnecessary fuel costs, idle time and having the advantage of “seeing what the driver sees.” Without such an advance in technology to help with everyday needs, fleet owners would fall to the mercy of the “He said She said” game which may end up costing them more money. 

Be Aware

Many companies say they proved the “top notch” product of that moment, saying their camera system can prove the most up-to-date tracking available. Most provide updates of vehicles from every 5 minutes, down to every minute; what if there was something faster, better, more accurate? What if a camera system was not only easy to use and operate but also can be installed just as easy; sounds too good to be true? The future is NOW! Up until the past few weeks, this product was only a distant dream.


Safety Track has the FIRST of its kind in camera development which will change the way the world tracks and monitors their vehicles. The UCIT LIVE 3G Streaming Camera system allows owners to monitor vehicles in ways never thought of before. UCIT provides a LIVE 3G feed streaming constantly to your computer with DVR capabilities, and GPS functions. Which means you’ll being able to locate and watch in REAL TIME what the driver sees, while also having the playback feature available. It also provides the user with up to a 360 view around the vehicle, which includes but is not limited to front, back and two side, rear facing cameras with night vision capabilities. Now when you want to check on a driver to see where or what they are doing, the power is at your finger tips. With this new revolutionary technology out there and readily available, businesses are saving money on fuel and repairs, having safer drivers and reducing danger out on the roads, making it’s a better safer environment for everyone! So when considering an In-Vehicle Camera System for your business make sure it is providing features up to its FULL potential and working hard for you, so you don’t have to.

How to Avoid the “He Said She Said” Game

We all can relate to close calls when it comes to driving. Someone is tailgating, in a rush or just flat out isn’t paying attention to the road. Well what happens when that close call becomes a reality and you’re faced with an accident? Even a minor fender-bender can cost you more than money, but time. In this day and age the top two things people worry about most is TIME and MONEY, and no one ever seems to have enough of either. What if there was a system out there to help you save on BOTH time and money, which is also affordable? Great news, there is!

Coming to a red light at an intersection, you slow down and glance down at your watch thinking “five minutes till I have to be there” yet you are ten minutes away and traffic is heavy today. To your luck the turns green and as you make your way through the light, you hardly notice the F-150 that is inches away from the passenger door. Trying to time a yellow light to make it to work, the F-150 makes contact and you’re now t-boned. Faced with a new problem to add to the time constraint you already have, now the car needs to be fixed. We all have our own versions of the “accident game” but for the most part it’s all the same: blame one another, switch personal and insurance information, take pictures etc. In some cases, court has to be involved to settle disputes between each party; you say the light was green, while he says you’re crazy, it was still green for him. At this point the case as little evidence to go either way, just your luck, the case is dropped and you end up paying for the damages. By the time most accidents are settled with each party, it can be well over a year. What if there was a way to break this circle of headaches and cut down on your TIME invested worrying about this problem, and the MONEY spent fixing this unfortunate issue?

Rewind this accident to the very beginning but change ONE factor, add an In Vehicle Camera System with DVR capability. A tiny camera that is placed inside the car on the windshield, that lets you have up to a 360 viewing field around the car. With such a small difference in a situation, there can be the difference of cutting the time you would spend in court, on the phone with insurance companies etc. in half. Unfortunately it can’t fix your car for you, but it will provide all the information needed to depict an accurate account of has happened. Proving an insurance company with such proof wouldn’t make your policy go up, and with continuous monitoring it could have the chance to actually lower the cost of insurance. With the DVR feature available on most models, important events in a driver’s history can be stored and kept for however long is needed. When walking into court, if needs be, you can accurately present the Who, What, When, Where and How’s of the situation and best of all avoid the “He said She Said” game.

Keep your Company Safe with Safety Track

camDo you know what your driver does while he is driving?

States keep changing what is allowed and not allowed while driving so there needs to be a way to monitor your drivers to ensure that they are following the laws of the road while behind the wheel. With any of Safety Track’s Camera Systems you can get the chance to do just that. Monitor your driver and there surroundings with Safety Track and ensure the safety of your company and the employees involved in it.

Check out any of the Safety Track Camera systems listed below

Safety Track In-Vehicle Camera

Safety Track 4-Channel Camera

UCIT Real Time Camera

and add that extra bit of safety to your fleet with any of Safety Track’s Backup Cameras.

Safety Track takes on Drag Racing Sponsorship

monza sponsor
Safety Track owner Jeff Stoker (Right) and brother Jim (Far Left) stand with Safety Track employee and Driver Tyler Schneider (Center) and his 1980 Chevrolet Monza Drag Car

Over the past weekend Safety Track took a trip up to Mid Michigan Motorplex to watch their Employee, Tyler Schneider, speed down the race track in his Drag Car that is now sponsored by Safety Track. Safety Track was excited to take on this sponsorship as a chance for advertisement along with a way to help out their employees. Safety Track had some fun watching the vehicle race down the speedway over the weekend. Owner Jeff and Brother Jim hung around the Pit Area of the CT Motorsports Racing Team with great hospitality and welcoming to becoming part of their racing team.

Check out the Safety Track You Tube Page for some videos from the Safety Track Sponsored Monza.


Upcoming Safety Track Racing Events;

Safety Track Monza @ NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series in Stanton, MI @ Mid Michigan Motorplex – July 27-28

Safety Track Monza @ IHRA Nitro Jam Event in Martin, MI @ US 131 Motorsports Park – August 9-10

Safety Track Monza @ Ten Grand Nationals in Norwalk, OH @ Summit Motorsports Park – August 30th – September 1st

Safety Track Monza @ Halloween Classic in Norwalk, OH @ Summit Motorsports Park – October 20-27

Along with Other Events as Well!


Come stop by and see the CT Motorsports team and the Safety Track Monza at any of these events coming up!

Pictures from the weekend at Mid  Michigan Motorplex



The Safety Track Monza ran right on the number during a round this weekend

run the number[/tab]


Driver Tyler Schneider preparing for a run in the burnout box

side view[/tab]


CT Motorsports Team owner Rick Schneider talking with Safety Track Owner Jeff Stoker and Brother Jim

jeff jim and rick[/tab]


Safety Track Owner Jeff Stoker (Left) and Brother Jim (Right) Watch the racing action

jeff and jim[/tab]


Driver Tyler Schneider Warms up the Tires of the Safety Track Sponsored Monza



Safety Track Expands to a New Site

Throughout the month of May Safety Track was moving forward into a newer, bigger, better office space to better fit the needs of the growing business. Along with this big move, other forms of the company have been growing as well. Safety Track is proud to introduce a new website that has been launched to show all of their camera products. will now cover all information on the cameras that Safety Track carries. Along with the In-Vehicle-Camera that Safety track has become known very well for we are introducing many other camera options to the mix.

Some of the new products from Safety Track Cameras are:

  • The 4-Channel Fleet DVR camera System. Much like the In-Vehicle-Camera, the 4-channel camera will offer video recording for a fleet management system but now with [highlight color=”eg. yellow, black”]more[/highlight] cameras, camera angles, and views. [highlight color=”eg. yellow, black”]Coming soon to this product will be WIFI support.[/highlight]
  •  A backup camera for any fleet looking to improve their safety with a 7” LCD monitor and [highlight color=”eg. yellow, black”]night vision/waterproof capabilities.[/highlight]
  • Wireless backup camera to help improve fleet safety with a 7” LCD monitor able to support up to [highlight color=”eg. yellow, black”]four cameras with no wires connecting them[/highlight]. Also including night vision and waterproof capabilities.
  • the Avenger Sports Camera, a [highlight color=”eg. yellow, black”]Waterproof, HD, High Speed sports camera[/highlight] perfect for anyone looking to record their action in any sport.

Safety Track is happy to have these new products and looking forward to when the new Live Streaming camera arrives. We hope to see you visit for more information on all of these products. Please feel free to contact us at (888)286-9829 or visit us at

Distracted Fleet Drivers and How To Prevent it.

Did you know that only 52% of accidents involving cell phones are actually coded as such accidents? There has been a major issue with continuous cell phone use by drivers that can be distracting and cause accidents or problems while in transport.

Did you know that as an employer, the company can be held responsible for accidents caused by drivers and cell phones?

Its time to take the steps to start preventing such accidents and this use by drivers. Safety Track offers a variety of products that can help protect the company from these problems and help with the safety of your fleet drivers and others on the road.

Safety Track’s In-Vehicle-Camera can be a key to preventing cell phone use while driving. While a vehicle is in motion it is being monitored by Safety Track’s In-Vehicle-Camera from two different angles; A driver’s compartment view and a forward view.  The technology of monitoring a drivers actions can help prevent any unethical actions a driver may commit while in commute, including cell phone use and texting.

Many drivers may use Cell phones for navigation or a form of finding directions, well, that is no longer needed. With Safety Tracks GPS Fleet Tracking Systems you can know where your driver is and tell them where to go at the same time. Tracking systems are equipped with navigation screens that are dispatched to from the home or office; there is no longer a need for the driver to even take there hands off the wheel anymore with Safety Track’s Technologies.

Coming Soon to Safety Track is also a Four Channel GPS, DVR, Live streaming camera system that can allow employers to monitor there driver right then and there with location and a view of what the driver sees all around and a view of the driver. Advances in GPS Fleet Safety technology are coming fast so check out this Camera offered soon from Safety Track.

Check Out and for more information on the products or, check out fleet blogs for a blog on cell phone use.

The Importance of the In-Vehicle Camera

A Brief Glimpse into the In-Vehicle Camera

There are many advantages to having an in-vehicle camera system installed in your car, truck, or fleet vehicles. Many events, false-accusations, and missed happenings have led to the rise in the importance of an in-vehicle camera system to protect ones assets and provide a sense of safety for everyday life. The most common places that an in-vehicle camera has been known to be used in over the years has been in car racing and inside police vehicles. Now more than ever in-vehicle camera systems are being used to provide safety, monitor workers, monitor loved ones, and backup evidence in case of legal issues.

Features of the In-Vehicle Camera:

  • Dual Camera – Front 120 degree and inside 175 degree wide angle views at same time while you driving the car.
  • Built-in GPS – The World’s Only Car Camera With Built-In GPS Location Logger -Complete Surveillance Records That Import Into Google Earth. Records videos, time and GPS location of all driving events to SD card and watch on Google map
  • Non stop recording – The Camera provides recording capabilities of events inside and outside of the vehicle while in motion. This device tracks the speed in MPH or KMH as well as an integrated video resolution of MAX.50 fps (channel/30 fps), VGA (640 x 480).
  • Save event archiving – The Camera automatically records when an accident occurs. (Default settings: 20 seconds of total record time before and after event occurs). In the event of an emergency, pushing the emergency button will record the event immediately. During sudden Impact, acceleration or braking, the device will begin recording immediately.
  • Analyze live feed – inside audio, speed and location via GPS system of the vehicle.
  • Night Vision: Infrared Laser Light Emitting Diode is used for recording inside the car at night.
  • Display window – 1 channel play (channel can be switched), 2channel play (channel can be switched), 2Channels simultaneously (PIP function), Enlarge the screen mode When double clicking on the image, the view will become full screen (1024 x 768 resolution is the recommended)
  • Play modes – Distinguished by each category such as normal, emergency, and impact or over speed. The files are displayed in order by year/month/day/time/minute/second/ event
  • Easy camera setting – Setup recording frames per second for each camera.
  • Emergency button – Protected without being overwritten with other images.
  • SD memory card – Saved data stored on a SD memory card.
  • Video and Audio record
  • Play Video and Audio – Play, stop, fast forward, fast review and other function.
  • Online Google map link – The driving course can be check on the map with driving sensor’s information.
  • Record AVI file – Video images are decoded with AVI file that you can convert to other movie files.

In-Vehicle Camera Benefits

The in-vehicle camera will provide you with an array of benefits for you or your fleet of drivers. You will have lower insurance claims due to the protection that you have with cameras watching what goes on in and out of your vehicles. On top of that, driver distraction will be reduced since they are being monitored and in turn the system will help coach the driver’s on creating good driver habits. A huge advantage that the in-vehicle camera system brings to you and your business is that there will be lower claims against the company and lower customer disputes as the proof lies right in the footage taken by the camera. Along with that comes the easy to confirm locations and deliveries portion of these great benefits and that it crucial to any business that wants to be successful.

With everything that has been brought forth to you here, don’t you think its time to invest in an in-vehicle camera system? Much more information is available for you to make this decision so read more here to get it!

In Vehicle Cameras – Changing Fleet Management Forever!

ST-In Vehicle Camera

In today’s economy, having the ability to not only track your fleet vehicle, but also ride along with them has just made its way to the small business owner. Once too costly to be an advantage to the small business owners, the In Vehicle Camera DVR for Safety Track changes all that.
This 2 camera system is easy to install, as it mounts inside the vehicle, on the windshield and captures all of the days driving events.
You can watch and see what the driver sees out the front camera, but also watch and see what the driver is doing. Distracted driving is now known to cause more accidents than any other driver related mistake. All of the day’s information is saved on a SD card that can be removed from the device and loaded onto your computer. See the habits and make correct to fast acceleration, hard braking and any other driving habit that could be causing your vehicle from a longer life.
This camera has been tested and is being used in many different industries today. From taxi and ambulance services, Heavy Equipment in the steel industry, to even railroad companies now want to see what is going on in their vehicles.

Thinking of using this in a larger fleet, not a problem, there is even a WI-FI adapter that let you wirelessly download data whenever the vehicle returns back to the yard. No more having to download 30-40 SD cards. Manage your fleet’s data, and not let someone else do it for you.
Low start up cost, with NO reoccurring fees, ever!
This is changing how companies look at monitoring their fleet vehicles.