How to Avoid the “He Said She Said” Game

We all can relate to close calls when it comes to driving. Someone is tailgating, in a rush or just flat out isn’t paying attention to the road. Well what happens when that close call becomes a reality and you’re faced with an accident? Even a minor fender-bender can cost you more than money, but time. In this day and age the top two things people worry about most is TIME and MONEY, and no one ever seems to have enough of either. What if there was a system out there to help you save on BOTH time and money, which is also affordable? Great news, there is!

Coming to a red light at an intersection, you slow down and glance down at your watch thinking “five minutes till I have to be there” yet you are ten minutes away and traffic is heavy today. To your luck the turns green and as you make your way through the light, you hardly notice the F-150 that is inches away from the passenger door. Trying to time a yellow light to make it to work, the F-150 makes contact and you’re now t-boned. Faced with a new problem to add to the time constraint you already have, now the car needs to be fixed. We all have our own versions of the “accident game” but for the most part it’s all the same: blame one another, switch personal and insurance information, take pictures etc. In some cases, court has to be involved to settle disputes between each party; you say the light was green, while he says you’re crazy, it was still green for him. At this point the case as little evidence to go either way, just your luck, the case is dropped and you end up paying for the damages. By the time most accidents are settled with each party, it can be well over a year. What if there was a way to break this circle of headaches and cut down on your TIME invested worrying about this problem, and the MONEY spent fixing this unfortunate issue?

Rewind this accident to the very beginning but change ONE factor, add an In Vehicle Camera System with DVR capability. A tiny camera that is placed inside the car on the windshield, that lets you have up to a 360 viewing field around the car. With such a small difference in a situation, there can be the difference of cutting the time you would spend in court, on the phone with insurance companies etc. in half. Unfortunately it can’t fix your car for you, but it will provide all the information needed to depict an accurate account of has happened. Proving an insurance company with such proof wouldn’t make your policy go up, and with continuous monitoring it could have the chance to actually lower the cost of insurance. With the DVR feature available on most models, important events in a driver’s history can be stored and kept for however long is needed. When walking into court, if needs be, you can accurately present the Who, What, When, Where and How’s of the situation and best of all avoid the “He said She Said” game.