GPS Tracking

GPS Landing

Small, Tamper Resistant

We have two options for Fleet Tracking, a hardwired or a plug and play device. Both are small and can give you an alert when unplugged or disconnected.

Plug and Play system
ST-2500 GPS Tracking

30 Second Updates

Our GPS Systems will update you every 30 seconds while the vehicle is moving. Ignition on/off and idle detection, with a once per day update when parked.

Driver Behavior Alerts

Our devices have a 3 Axis G-Sensor that will detect any harsh braking, acceleration, over turns and speeding. Setup to be alerted to ensure your drivers are practicing safe driving.

GPS Tracking Interface

Geofencing and Maintenance

Set up custom Geofences anywhere and setup vehicle maintenance intervals. This will keep your fleet healthy and keep record of services done to your fleet.

Web-Based Interface

Manage your fleet from an easy to use web-based, Google Maps integrated interface. Customize your workspace and how you oversee your fleet all from one tab.

fleet management in the cable and telecom industry

Track Data Storage and Backfill

We store all of your track data for up to 6 months on our cloud servers. In an area without 3G or 4G? Your device will store the tracks and backfill missed data once back within a coverage area.

What do our Customer Say?

Nothing gives you more proof of success in this day and age, than feed back from a current and happy customer.

Working with Safety Track was an incredible experience for me. The quality of their work was only matched by the quality of the service i received. Thanks for making our team a successful one.

Kevin Adan
Principal at Weed Man USA Inc.

Safety Tracks a total game changer! our ability to live monitor our street sweepers from the office or the mobile app has increased safety, lowered unnecessary fuel costs and dramatically improved employee job performance. Our clients also feel a heightened sense of accountability and trust in our services.

Brady Costelow
President at Northwest Sweeping
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