Free Fleet Tracking Demo

Free Fleet Tracking System Demo 

Login below and try our free demo account to get a feel for Safety Track’s System with a live vehicle.

Password: 123456


There are many useful features of this system, so here’s a few recommendations to help you get started.

Click on the ‘Reports‘ menu in the upper left corner and select ‘Get Report Now‘. A window will open that will allow you to view many reports such as a Daily Overview, Geofence Alerts (when a vehicle crosses a specified boundary), Speeding Alerts, Idle Times, and more. You can also select to view up to 180 days in the past using the Start/Stop Date feature. These features eliminate bad driving behaviors such as speeding or wasting gas with long idling times. The system also prevents bad work habits such as long lunches, poor route choices, or using work vehicles for personal use. It also provides indisputable information to your customers providing accurate accountability for where and when your driver was and how long they were at specific locations.

Vehicle History Box
The vehicle history window allows you to easily review up to 180 days of individual vehicle history. Try selecting any past day and see where our demo vehicle was on the GPS map, as well as speeding alerts, ignition on/off times, stopped times, idle times, and more. The vehicle history box also can view ‘ Today ‘ which gives you current updates to your driver’s locations as well as real time alerts letting you know the current speed of the vehicle, if it’s stopped, if it’s turned off, and more.

Zooming, Satellite, and Street View
On the right hand side, you’ll notice a ‘ zoom bar ‘ with a + and – symbol. This allows you to zoom in or out of any area which can help with routing vehicles, seeing which vehicle is closest to a specific place, what is in that area, and more. Above the zooming bar is a yellow animated person. Click this person and drag him to any point on the map and you’ll enter ‘Street View‘ mode which allows you to see what is around any specific area your vehicle has driven by, stopped at, or any other area you’d like. Why was your vehicle stopped at X, Y, or Z for an hour or more? See what’s around that exact stopped location with street view. In the far upper right is ‘Map’ and ‘Satellite’ mode. ‘Map’ mode is the default mode and is usually best for most situations. However, if you’d like to see the terrain of an area, buildings, streets, etc., click on ‘Satellite’.

If you’d like any clarification or have questions about our system, please call us at 734-699-7633 or e-mail

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