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Worried about storing all your vehicles video files?

Use Safety Track’s New Cloud Storage

Now Available!

Safety Track now offers Cloud Storage, the ability to store all of your data files on our servers for a low monthly fee. Compatible with Safety Track’s UCIT Platform with Live Streaming Video. Now we upload your data to our Servers. All the while giving you the ability to access the video from your own office. Standard plans host data for 3 days. Need more time or space, use our open API’s and store the data to your own server. Call for more information.

This Cloud Storage service will be offered to take the stress away from your IT department or off of the companies that are limited in this department. Let us handle the live streaming data management (Cloud Storage) of your files while you get to view them whenever you want! Now you can know that your fleet is uploading all the video data to our servers for you to review and playback later to see what happened during the day. Watch the daily route and stops. Monitor driving habits. Review if company policies and procedures are being followed. Reduce stress and strain on your vehicles and improve driver accountability with our fleet management software. Pick from three levels of data, from just GPS tracking to event upload only to complete video upload with GPS tracking. This is the most comprehensive software platform available and will make your fleet more effective and safe.

Safety Track’s live streaming video platforms:

Viewer Interface:

Cloud Viewer

Mobile APP View Cloud Storage

iPhone/Android APPs









See all Vehicles on One Screen:

Cloud Storage Home Screen



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