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The utility industry has both routine scheduled appointments and unexpected events that arise instantaneously. Keep your workers organized and your customers satisfied with a GPS Fleet Management System.

Fleet Management

What Are The Benefits Of Fleet Management?

Safety Track’s fleet management systems allow companies in the utility industry to proactively respond to heavy traffic, weather conditions, and extraneous delays. This is done through GPS tracking, which reroutes drivers. As a result of these capabilities, appointment times will be met and drive times will be reduced.

An advanced fleet management system can also provide insight into the daily activity of each vehicle and driver. With Safety Track, you are able to discover hidden expenses related to your fleet then take steps to reduce costs. Many companies have lowered fuel costs, reduced cost-consuming idling times, saved on repair costs, and lowered insurance premiums. In addition, they have used our systems to monitor driver behavior. Once poor driving behaviors had been identified, these companies were able to take corrective action to improve driver awareness.

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Safety Track is your one stop source for GPS tracking and fleet cameras. The usefulness of these systems in the utlity industry are undeniable. Contact our team to discuss your fleet management options.

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