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Fleet Cameras Reduce Cost

When a driver pulls out of your lot, most fleet owners rely on the honor system when it comes to driver safety.  You can spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on driver safety training, only to find out at the scene of the accident, the driver was texting. Having the ability to ride along with your drivers can enhance safety programs and gives you the ability to maintain the advantage needed to improve the overall safety of your fleet.

Safety Directors now can implement and ensure that policies are in place and being adhered to.

You could start saving more by installing Safety Track into your vehicles today!
"One collision can cost your company thousands in increased claims, insurance, fuel use, and vehicle maintenance. Live video footage will reduce overall fleet expenses and significantly improve your bottom line."
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Control Your Fleet Costs & Safety

Save On Insurance

How do you address the rising insurance claim game?

Fleet Cameras Reduce Cost:

Not just the Frivolous law suits, but the worker’s compensation claims, with the lawyer fees and bad press, let alone the repair cost associated with the damages. The best way to prevent these types of claims is to retrain. How can you retrain if you can’t see, or know what is going on while the fleet is out on the road? Live Streaming Video is the only way to see what is going on while the driver is on the road.  Watch what really happens and retrain.

Improve Driver Awareness

Manage Driver’s Behavior.

Fleet Cameras Reduce Cost:

Drivers behavior can help reduce your company’s expenses. Improving your driver’s behavior can help your company reduce fleet expenses associated with frivolous law suits.

Reward Your Drivers

You can’t change what you can’t see.

Safety Track’s Live Streaming video is the only system that provides live video footage and can even replay video, 10 or 20 minutes prior to the accident. Know the full truth. Do not rely on a partial view of only 30 seconds to make the determination of what happened. You can’t change what you can’t see. Take the first step in lowering your fleet cost.

Discover Hidden Expenses

Rising Fleet Costs? Not sure where the money is going?

In today’s business world, fleet owners need a way to better manage their costs. Safety Track provides cost-savings options to help you reduce your fleet’s expenses. These cost savings will ultimately help improve your company’s profitability.

Lower Fuel Costs

Monitor Idling, Acceleration and Braking.

Hard acceleration and hard braking are only a few of the many examples that can increase your fleet maintenance and repair costs. Excessive idling can add $100’s if not $1,000’s to your monthly fuel cost and to your company’s bottom line. With the Safety Track’s Fleet Management System, you can improve these behaviors and monitor fuel to help increase your fleet’s fuel efficiency by up to 14%.

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Control Your Fleet Costs & Safety